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A message to the Class from David Raymond

Hello RTA’66 Classmates!
            Once again, it's getting close to that time of year and the R.W. Traip Academy Golden Grads Reunion will take place as it does every year on the third Wednesday of July.  So, this year it will fall on July 17th, 2024.  The attached RTA'66 GOLDEN GRADS INVITATION 2024 provides the necessary reunion details as well as the reply form to return to me with your payment.
            This year I'll be taking over for Arny Putnam, Connie (Sears) Moulton and Nancy (Foss) Lawson, who have handled the Golden Grads for our class in recent years.  Thanks to their diligence and that of many other classmates on past reunion efforts, I have an up-to-date email contact list for 89 of our classmates.  However, there are some notable gaps; with your help I would like to include a valid email address, or alternatively a valid cell phone number for some of the classmates on the attached RTA’66 Missing List.
            I apologize in advance to female classmates, whose maiden/married names may be not be up-to-date.  I'd be pleased to correct these and any misspellings as well.  News about any of these classmates also would be welcome.
            I recognize that many people are reluctant to share contact information.  I get it... it's a hassle getting junk mail and being hacked.  My low-tech security approach will be to "hide" the class recipients list in as bcc's (as I did with this mailing to ~89 persons), so that recipients cannot see the names and email addresses. 
            In addition to the list missing classmates above, there are a couple of other names that were on the Class List that I was given, but I just don't recognize them.  They could have been military and transferred before graduating, or guests at a previous class function; however, they are not in our Yearbook, nor on our Graduation Program.  Does anybody know: Elizabeth Gustafson or Sidra (Bryant) Van Norden?
            One sobering aspect of trying to notify all of our past classmates necessitates a review of the list of classmates who have passed.  As one can see from visiting our class website at https://www.traip66.com/class, that list now stands at 32.  It's sad to contemplate...so many good people... dear friends.  On behalf of the class, many thanks to Judy (Power) Despres for her years of effort in establishing and maintaining that wonderful website for all of us! 
            I realize it is early, but if you know your schedule and plan to attend the Golden Grads, please feel free to send in your response and money any time.  I'll forward it right away to Louise (LaMarca) Gay, the event organizer.  For others this mailing can serve as a "Save-the-Date" notification; I'll send out another invitation, probably sometime in early June... hopefully, to a longer list of classmates.
Best Wishes to All, I Hope to See You this Summer!
David Raymond


Missing/Unreachable RTA '66 Classmates  


Judith Ann Aube               Regina 'Ginger' Hall                   Harry Robert Morris

Carol (Cashman) Bryant     Jean Lynn (Hardy) Johnson     William Hamilton Paisley

Noble James Cassell         Shirlen Hargrave                       Glenn John Ouimet

Robert Bruce Connell         Marvin "Buddy" Hewlett            Stephen Wayne Philbrook

William Morgan Dinan        Katherine Elaine Howland        Roxanna (Prescott) Reed

Roland Winferd Foss Jr.     Dorian Lee Hutchins                Joseph Carl Putnam

Kathleen (Ghirardi) Hall      Paula (Long) Rankin                Nelson Joseph Schnitzler

Floyd Wayne Gooch          Marion Frances Maby               Barbara Rena Stevens

Bonnie Goss                      Linda Jane Martin                     Linda (Stewart) Anson

Beverly Jean Grant            Rose Marie Mason                   Robert Phillip Tremblay

Vicky Lee Grant                 Gary Edward Moore                  Karl L Tucker

Holman Leo Grover           Gordon Lorenzo Moore Jr.        Judith Jay Williams

Rebecca "Becky" Hall        Patrick Morgan

If you have email or text # contact information for any of the individuals above,

please send it to me or advise the person(s) to contact me directly. Thanks.







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