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10/10/16 12:12 PM #80    

Ramona Lavigne (Dow)

Thanks to all who those who took pictures.  What wonderful memories we have captured of this truly memorable evening.

10/10/16 12:54 PM #81    

Arnold Putnam

Amen to pat's sntiments.  Thank all of you who came to the reunion.  Josephine and I enjoyed seeing you very much.

Mr. Dorrity could not attend due to health reasons.  When you are over 90 it sort of slows you down.

All the best for a grand time,

Arny & Jo

10/10/16 05:39 PM #82    

Jean Goss (Treacy)

Just back today from Paul's and my hiking trip and read up on the reunion.  It sounds like it was well enjoyed by everyone and I'm sorry to have missed   it.  David Dodge, I'm surprised that I didn't run into you in Italy!!  I hope your vacation there was as great as ours.  And, Donna, sorry to hear about your health issue but you sound like you have a great attitude.  Good luck to you.

10/10/16 11:13 PM #83    


Pamela Thiffault (Gerry)

Hi everyone. I didn't make the reunion, but I did go to the cocktail party for awhile. I couldn't believe how we have all changed. I would like to keep in touch with my classmates. Wish I had done it sooner. 

10/11/16 07:31 AM #84    


Judith Power (Despres)

From Tom Fisher:

My wife and I had a great time meeting everyone. I want to thank all the members that put this 50 year reunion together. The night went by to fast to meet everyone. Hopefully we can all get together again real soon.

10/11/16 10:10 AM #85    

Arnold Putnam

I almost forgot....  Special thanks to Chilla Hayward for the work on sound and visual.  You did a great job.





10/12/16 12:58 PM #86    


Wayne Wells

Thank you so much for an outstanding Reunion!  Lynn & I enjoyed seeing our friends from so long ago.

The committee did a wonderful job it was over the top. Thank you, back to where it's warm to cold for sure!

Til we meet again, Wayne & Lynn Wells

10/12/16 02:44 PM #87    


Leslie Knight (Frazier)

I agree with Patrick on trying to meet up every two years.....I so appreciate all the hard work and pictures posted, though I could not come, it was great seeing the great fun everyone had at the gatherings...maybe make it low key on the two year ones and maybe something really special on 5 year marks? Everyone looked great and i recognized many..

10/16/16 12:20 PM #88    


Karen Vilakis (Schmidt)

So Sorry  I couldn,t make this reunion, I really wanted to, but a storm called Matthew took presidence... Locked into the State of NC. at the present time, (still) roads flooded north and south and west of us, we are on the coast with no problems thank God.  I hope to make one someday, please keep me on the list... Thanks alot Karen (Vilakis) Schmidt

10/17/16 03:03 PM #89    

Sally Gerry (Snook)

Oh my another voice from the past Karen.  I didn't make the reunion either.  My body was not treating me very well and when the money was to be in I was not certain that I could make it.  Did make the breakfast and was nice to see those that I did. 

Keep in touch, Sally Gerry Snook

10/20/16 09:46 PM #90    


Diane Tuttle (Coughenour)

Diane Tuttle Coughenour  I haven't been to a class reunion in over 25 years. I had a wonderful time at the Wentworth by the Sea and at the Sheraton. It was great seeing classmates and catching up with them. I want to thank all those involved in putting on the 50th celebrations. Also for sharing the pictures of the events.

10/30/16 10:32 AM #91    

Janis Tarling (Lorenzen)

It was great to see you their after 25 years!!! I am so glad you were there. I hope we can see you againsmiley

10/31/16 12:36 PM #92    

Arnold Putnam

It was good to see everyone there.  I hope that many of you will  be able to come to our biannual breakfasts at Norma's in York, or to the Goldens.  It warms the soul to see you folks....

12/23/16 06:21 PM #93    

Charles Hayward

Thanks to Dave Raymond for the news about Arny.

I just got off the phone with Ahhnold and he's in good spirits and well. Dodged a bullet, though.

Thanks again to Dave......

Chill Hayward

12/24/16 11:00 AM #94    

Dixie McLean

Thanks from me, too, for the updates. Glad Arny escaped the close call! I didn't find an address listing here, but it was easy to find Arny's address via Google, for mailing well wishes. Happy Healthy Holidays and 2017 to All!

12/26/16 08:33 AM #95    

Arnold Putnam

Thank you all for your concern and good wishes.  I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and with have a terrific New Year.  Yes, breakfast is still on, but when better weather is hear.  Thanks, again.  Arny

12/31/16 09:19 AM #96    

Janis Tarling (Lorenzen)

Arny, I was out of town when you decided to pull your stunt with stents!! Good Lord boy!!! Glad you are doing better. Don't let this happen again, you hear me!!! I will come up there and whop yor butt. Can you sifer the southern???   Seriously, please stay healthy, what would we do without Arny. As I type this, I realize we were together for most all our classes from junior high on through high school.  Josephine, I will send u my whoopen stick to make him behave.  Love u both. Jan



01/01/17 11:21 AM #97    

Arnold Putnam

I think that Josephine already had a "whoppin'" stick!  The doctor and her have me under their thumb.

Thank you very much.

I've got to get with Gail to find out about breakfast at Norma's.  Oh, and there's The Goldens this summer...

01/02/17 10:49 AM #98    

Gregory Teifert


News flash, Norma's may not be on your diet? Certainly shoveling snow is not part of the program any more either. You had better listen to Josephine and not use your selective hearing excuse either.


01/03/17 11:21 PM #99    

Charles Hayward

Arny's new diet is oatmeal. We'll let him look at the scones through the glass at the counter.



01/04/17 09:43 PM #100    

Janis Tarling (Lorenzen)

yeah, the looking glass only. GOOD ADVISE!! Things sure will be different, but please hang in there, we would like to keep you around awhile longer as I am sure Josephine would. What would the class of '66 be without YOU?  You can only dream about Norma's now

01/05/17 10:49 AM #101    


Patrick Chaney

Jan, Arny can go to Norma's just fine.... as long as he sticks to the oatmeal.....!


01/28/17 06:49 PM #102    


Diane Tuttle (Coughenour)

I recently saw in the Portsmouth Herald that another one of our classmates passed. Linda Brunette Gorman died on Jan. 8th unexpectedly at her home. I was so sorry to read this.

01/29/17 07:32 PM #103    


Patrick Chaney

Thanks for posting this to let us all know, Diane.  Sad news indeed, may she ever rest in peace!!


01/30/17 11:43 AM #104    

Dixie McLean

Another classmate, too young to die! Wishing Linda's family, and us remaining Traip66ers, the best of health! It's priceless. Take care, all!

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