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11/26/19 06:20 PM #137    


Judith Power (Despres)

Tom Prince says it was Mrs. Parsons third grade class; I can't disagree since I wasn't there!

11/27/19 10:52 AM #138    


Robert McCrillis

Tom is absolutely correct! Thank you.

Now I have to figure out who else I recognize in that class. Funny, they all look like sorta generic little kids. Excluding Ginny Bowden's hair, Bobby Holts face (which never changed), Jimmy Ferguson's smile, etc. Maybe I should get my glasses prescription adjusted.



11/27/19 01:25 PM #139    

Robert Holt

I concur with Mrs. Parsons. Ms. Hopkins was 4th. Mr Russell was 5th. I think Msr. Varney was 6th, and principal.

   Maybe - it is all very foggy now.                 



11/28/19 09:45 PM #140    


Janice Mitchell (Cook)

Yes, Mrs Varney, who was also the principal, taught us for half a day in 6th grade.  Some of us had Mrs. Smart as a 5th grade teacher.  Hazel Fowels was the lunch lady who made us hot meals every day!!  
Janice Mitchell Cook




11/28/19 09:56 PM #141    


Janice Mitchell (Cook)

Does anyone remember the "fern collection and identification project" we did?

11/29/19 06:58 AM #142    


Ramona Lavigne (Dow)

I well remember collecting all those ferns!  Mr Russell taught us well .

11/29/19 10:42 AM #143    


Robert McCrillis


I remember collecting ferns down by the railroad tracks. Is it possible we did this together? Very dim possible memoryl.



11/29/19 11:00 AM #144    

Robert Holt

Good ole Mr Rissel. I had done something and he took me into the coat room in the back snd grabbed me by the shoulders and shook the crap out of me. I laughed at him and he shook me more.!! I do remember the fern project as well. 🤪

11/30/19 08:39 PM #145    


Janice Mitchell (Cook)

Yes, Bob, we did collect ferns along the tracks together.  If I remember correctly, I think Susan Riley collected the most! 
I was actually thinking of you yesterday as I walked my grandson past your childhood house on Dame Street.  We had lots of neighborhood kids to play with as every house on Jones Ave & Dame Street was filled with families!  Good memories!


12/01/19 01:08 PM #146    


Susan Andrews

Does anyone else still have their “Ferns”  report? I still use some of that ferns knowledge. 

12/01/19 07:38 PM #147    


Robert McCrillis


The best memories.

I think you're right that Susan (the only other Republican in any of our classes) collected the most.

How old is your grandson? More to the point, do you have more than one? Linda and I went from no grandchildren to three in three weeks! A set of twins and a single, all boys. Another grandson came along two years later. The older three are now 16 and drivng, eeek. My daughter is expecting her first in Februatry.

Isn't this weird? I think of playing Mexican Hideout with Dottie Baker and at least 20 kids long into the night. Our parents weren't even concerned. Times change, I guess.

Anyway, thanks for reminding me.



12/03/19 08:45 AM #148    

Janis Tarling (Lorenzen)

I think I saw Sparky Nelson with her plaids. It's amazing how we cam identify so many of our classmates. Does that speak well for our memories, lord I hope so. Really enjoyed this video. Thank you 

12/04/19 05:10 PM #149    


Robert McCrillis

First: I think Carolyn Carr is in the line at the very end of the film (chewing gum?)

Second: What did Mr. Jack teach? Was he Junior High? I actually thought it was he who shook Bobby until his head rattled.

12/04/19 10:13 PM #150    

Deidre Kauffman (Hanson)

Mr Jack was sophomore geometry. I had a teenage crush on him - but he gave me an A so of course that validated my  infatuation. 

12/05/19 11:46 AM #151    

Dixie McLean

Mr. Jack taught Jr. High and then moved up to Traip. Calm, kind, no-nonsense, clear teacher. Later in life I ran into him and he told me my brother Mark was brilliant in math/ calculus. 

12/05/19 01:23 PM #152    


Robert McCrillis

Dede and Dixie,

Thank you for heping me remember -- I fear my memory is beginning to resemble Swiss cheese. Miss Furrow was Junior High too, right?


12/06/19 06:47 PM #153    

Dixie McLean

Yes, Robert, Miss Furrow taught Jr. High and became Mrs. Hyson during our time with her. A grumpy reading teacher striking the floor with her spike heels as she walked around in a disciplinarian manner while we completed our boring SRA assignments.

03/03/20 10:53 AM #154    


David Raymond

I stand corrected!   I told Judy that the the photo I submitted of the Wentworth-Dennett classroom photo for the School Year 1958-1959 was Mrs. Hopkins' classroom.  I believe Tom Prince's identification of it as Mrs. Smart's class is right.  However, the other classroom photo identified as Miss Emery's class I think is Mrs. Hopkins'.  I only went to Wentworth-Dennett two years, 4th and 5th grades, and had Mrs. Hopkins and Mrs. Smart.

03/03/20 02:49 PM #155    


Judith Power (Despres)

Thanks, David! I never went to Wentworth-Dennett so I believe whatever you and Tom Prince say!

03/04/20 04:22 PM #156    


Robert McCrillis

Does anyone remember Tony Delaquilla's remark that got him cracked across the face by Miss Furrow? Room 212 was known as the "boiling room" for a reason.

03/05/20 07:10 AM #157    


David Raymond

Bob-  I couldn't resist responding to your question about Tony D and Miss Farrow. ( I'm sure a Freudian psychologist would have fun with your spelling...surprise  ).  I was not in the room so I didn't know about that incident, but I suspect that Tony was more unguarded and only expressed what every one of us was thinking about her.  I remember her high heels, short skirts, long legs and very cool demeanor.  I'm sure on many occasions, she just had to shake her head in wonder about what is it that made adolesent boys tick!

The other very notable incident at Frisbee, which happened in the hall outside my classroom, was when Willie Wyman slugged Mr Bushey.  That was Willie's last day of school ever!


03/05/20 11:20 AM #158    

Dixie McLean

David, she was Miss FUrrow.

From the photo, looks like

she mellowed into niceness or felt

more relaxed in retirement! 


03/06/20 06:32 AM #159    

Steve Losier

I remember the incident between Tony and Mrs. Furrow. When challenged she would walk up to the challenger and hold up the palm of her hand and say "do you want to feel me?"  Tony answered with an excited "yeah" and she repsonded with the slap.

03/06/20 02:04 PM #160    

Robert Holt

I dont remember the incident but , wondering what happened to Tony ??  I think he joined the Navy ??  Bob



03/06/20 03:26 PM #161    

Dixie McLean

Wow Steve! I always felt a little afraid of her stern demeanor but never saw that action! She’d be fired for threatening and slapping like that nowadays! Thanks for remembering and solving the mystery. I was curious what happened! Bob, I think Tony might be still in Maine somewhere. This inquiring mind may google him. 😄 Dixie

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