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08/28/17 11:09 AM #119    

Janis Tarling (Lorenzen)

Pat, glad u and joe r ok!! Thought of both of u!! Glad u posted this. Luv Jan

08/28/17 11:13 AM #120    

Dixie McLean

Saw you were safe on FB, had been wondering. Good to know Joe is safe, too. Best wishes for a good aftermath following Harvey the Horrible!

08/28/17 11:23 AM #121    

Gregg Gardner

Glad you guys are ok and safe. 

08/28/17 12:35 PM #122    

Arnold Putnam

Glad to hear that you and Joe are okay.  Let's hope this rain stops soon...

09/24/18 04:22 PM #123    

Ruth Houde (Dodge)

For Arny Putnam from Ruth Dodge  Address update

245 Oakland Parkway #204

Leesburg, Ga. 31763



07/27/19 11:51 AM #124    

Curt Stockford (Stockford)

Greetings, All,

Just a note to let you know that Meredith and I will be in Maine soon.  I am planning on attending the celebration of life for Charlie Rodis on Aug. 4 in Poland Springs.  Wondering if any of the rest will be doing the same. 


07/28/19 06:35 AM #125    

Dana Lutz

I am planing to go also Curt . Se you there . Dana Lutz 

07/28/19 09:38 AM #126    


Judith Power (Despres)

Unfortunately we won't be there, Curt, so we won't see you, but I am glad you can be there for Charlie. Enjoy your trip to Maine; hello to Meredith!

07/28/19 05:00 PM #127    

Arnold Putnam

Hope you folks have a good trip out and it's not real hot when you get here....

07/30/19 12:06 AM #128    

Curt Stockford (Stockford)

Thanks, Judy.  I've done no advance planning for this trip, or I would have tried to set something up with you and Tom, as well as a number of other classmates. How is it possible to be so busy, and, yet, so lazy in retirement? I certainly am hoping for another lifetime in order to make up for the shortcomings I visited upon this one!

07/30/19 12:10 AM #129    

Curt Stockford (Stockford)

Thanks, Arny. Will try to call, and catch up.  Our best to Josephine!

11/23/19 01:32 PM #130    


Susan Andrews

The video added by Tom Prince is priceless. I think I see Janice Mitchell, Ramona Lavigne, Ginny Bowden, Susan Riley, & Robert Holt. Also Jimmy Ferguson, I think, in the Cub Scout uniform. It's adorable.

FYI, it's 77 degrees & sunny today on Sanibel Island. Of course, I'm at the office, always wearing flip flops! Happy Thanksgiving, to all.

11/23/19 01:54 PM #131    


Judith Power (Despres)

Thanks, Susan! I knew someone would recognize that classroom and those faces ~

11/23/19 03:12 PM #132    

Thomas Prince

Regarding the video my mother recorded of 3rd grade in 1956 at Wentworth Dennett...I noticed David Chadwick, Bob Holt, Bob Coleman, Ginny Bowden, Sheila Whitney, Janice Mitchell, Bruce Chapman and myself.  I'll check again and see who else I recognize.



11/24/19 04:16 PM #133    

Robert McCrillis

Okay guys, 

Please help with location of video. Third grade at Wentworth-Dennett was Mrs. Silver? I know she had me pegged as a jerk right from go -- turned out to be a lifelong affliction



11/25/19 11:13 AM #134    

Dixie McLean

Robert, go to the home page and see the announcement about Tom’s video and click on the Class Pictures link.

11/26/19 07:02 AM #135    


Judith Power (Despres)

Some people are having a problem opening the video; if you are, try clicking on the arrow in the box in the upper right hand corner. This will open it in a new window and that should work!

11/26/19 05:39 PM #136    

Robert McCrillis

Dixie and Judith, 

Thank you for helping me find the video. The only person I can add is Veronica Rogers so far.

11/26/19 05:44 PM #137    

Robert McCrillis

Oh, and do either of you remember the teacher's name? Why that's meaningful is a mystery to me but I would like to know.



11/26/19 06:20 PM #138    


Judith Power (Despres)

Tom Prince says it was Mrs. Parsons third grade class; I can't disagree since I wasn't there!

11/27/19 10:52 AM #139    

Robert McCrillis

Tom is absolutely correct! Thank you.

Now I have to figure out who else I recognize in that class. Funny, they all look like sorta generic little kids. Excluding Ginny Bowden's hair, Bobby Holts face (which never changed), Jimmy Ferguson's smile, etc. Maybe I should get my glasses prescription adjusted.



11/27/19 01:25 PM #140    

Robert Holt

I concur with Mrs. Parsons. Ms. Hopkins was 4th. Mr Russell was 5th. I think Msr. Varney was 6th, and principal.

   Maybe - it is all very foggy now.                 



11/28/19 09:45 PM #141    

Janice Mitchell (Cook)

Yes, Mrs Varney, who was also the principal, taught us for half a day in 6th grade.  Some of us had Mrs. Smart as a 5th grade teacher.  Hazel Fowels was the lunch lady who made us hot meals every day!!  
Janice Mitchell Cook




11/28/19 09:56 PM #142    

Janice Mitchell (Cook)

Does anyone remember the "fern collection and identification project" we did?

11/29/19 06:58 AM #143    

Ramona Lavigne (Dow)

I well remember collecting all those ferns!  Mr Russell taught us well .

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