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12/24/16 11:00 AM #94    

Dixie McLean

Thanks from me, too, for the updates. Glad Arny escaped the close call! I didn't find an address listing here, but it was easy to find Arny's address via Google, for mailing well wishes. Happy Healthy Holidays and 2017 to All!

12/26/16 08:33 AM #95    

Arnold Putnam

Thank you all for your concern and good wishes.  I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and with have a terrific New Year.  Yes, breakfast is still on, but when better weather is hear.  Thanks, again.  Arny

12/31/16 09:19 AM #96    

Janis Tarling (Lorenzen)

Arny, I was out of town when you decided to pull your stunt with stents!! Good Lord boy!!! Glad you are doing better. Don't let this happen again, you hear me!!! I will come up there and whop yor butt. Can you sifer the southern???   Seriously, please stay healthy, what would we do without Arny. As I type this, I realize we were together for most all our classes from junior high on through high school.  Josephine, I will send u my whoopen stick to make him behave.  Love u both. Jan



01/01/17 11:21 AM #97    

Arnold Putnam

I think that Josephine already had a "whoppin'" stick!  The doctor and her have me under their thumb.

Thank you very much.

I've got to get with Gail to find out about breakfast at Norma's.  Oh, and there's The Goldens this summer...

01/02/17 10:49 AM #98    

Gregory Teifert


News flash, Norma's may not be on your diet? Certainly shoveling snow is not part of the program any more either. You had better listen to Josephine and not use your selective hearing excuse either.


01/03/17 11:21 PM #99    

Charles Hayward

Arny's new diet is oatmeal. We'll let him look at the scones through the glass at the counter.



01/04/17 09:43 PM #100    

Janis Tarling (Lorenzen)

yeah, the looking glass only. GOOD ADVISE!! Things sure will be different, but please hang in there, we would like to keep you around awhile longer as I am sure Josephine would. What would the class of '66 be without YOU?  You can only dream about Norma's now

01/05/17 10:49 AM #101    


Patrick Chaney

Jan, Arny can go to Norma's just fine.... as long as he sticks to the oatmeal.....!


01/28/17 06:49 PM #102    


Diane Tuttle (Coughenour)

I recently saw in the Portsmouth Herald that another one of our classmates passed. Linda Brunette Gorman died on Jan. 8th unexpectedly at her home. I was so sorry to read this.

01/29/17 07:32 PM #103    


Patrick Chaney

Thanks for posting this to let us all know, Diane.  Sad news indeed, may she ever rest in peace!!


01/30/17 11:43 AM #104    

Dixie McLean

Another classmate, too young to die! Wishing Linda's family, and us remaining Traip66ers, the best of health! It's priceless. Take care, all!

04/06/17 01:56 PM #105    

Janis Tarling (Lorenzen)

I am so sorry to here about Gordon! It was great that Libby brought him to our 50 th reunion. Gordon was in a lot of my classes, so I got to know him over the years. You will be miss Gordon and remembered.

04/17/17 09:41 AM #106    


Susan Andrews

Thanks for posting the pictures of the recent classmate breakfast at Norma's. Sure wish I lived closer, I'd be there too. Glad to see those smiing faces, particularly after reading the sad recent posts about our departed classmates Gordon Millett & Susan Riley. Amazing how we get smarter as we get older... everyday is a gift, my friends, hope you make the most of them all. (P.S. I know where Gail got that handbag... Gotta fit in more of those adventures too.) Hope you all are enjoying spring! Heard you had some warm weather yesterday in New England too! Happy day! Susan

07/28/17 10:46 AM #107    

Jerilee Connor (Zezula)

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer. New England gardens are doing much better this year with the regular rain.

If anyone is a history buff, I'd like to recommend a good book.  It's called Boomtown Portsmouth, The World War II Transformation of a Quiet New England Seaport, by Rodney Watterson.  It is available on Amazon, (Kindle and print) and at RiverRun Books in Portsmouth. While it is a prequel to our time, it certainly gives our lives perspective especially if your family was connected to the shipyard in any way.  It was written by the husband of a friend of mine, so I am a little biased. It is dry, but very well researched....probably something Arny would enjoy wink

On to August!

Jeri (Connor) Zezula


07/29/17 02:51 PM #108    

Dixie McLean

Good timing, Jeri! I'm about to walk downtown to Portsmouth Health Food Center. Will stop at RiverRun, too. Sounds like a perfect fit for me, with both Portsmouth and Kittery being my hometowns. 

07/30/17 10:30 AM #109    


Patrick Chaney

Thanks for this info, Jeri!



08/09/17 10:26 AM #110    

Janis Tarling (Lorenzen)

As most of my class members knew my father, Bud, he passed away Sunday August the 6th peacefully at 99 years of age. I am thankful I had him as long as I did. Antidepressants are a great thing for crabby old men and it sure made him fun again!! I can hear him laughing now. We both shared the same sense of humor and a lot more. I will be planning a celebration of his life along with my mother's in late September or early October . He requested both be done together, " more economical , his words exactly!! Of course . Will continue to be the obedient daughter! Right?!

08/10/17 07:19 AM #111    

Ramona Lavigne (Dow)

So sorry for your loss, Janis.  How blessed you were to have him in your life so long!

08/10/17 10:50 AM #112    


Patrick Chaney

So sorry for your loss, Jan.  May he ever Rest in Peace.

08/10/17 11:47 AM #113    

Thomas Prince

Sorry to hear about your dad.  You were fortunate to have him (and he to have you) for so many years.  I liked your note about him.  Sending my best you.  Tom

08/10/17 11:56 AM #114    

Dixie McLean

Heartwarming story, Janis! Nice to hear of a long life ending peacefully in good humor with an appreciative daughter. 

08/11/17 11:41 AM #115    

Laura Melhorn (Conant)

Just tried to send you an email Jan and got it back.  My condolences my friend....hugs, Laura

08/11/17 01:59 PM #116    


Diane Tuttle (Coughenour)

Janis I am so sorry to hear about your dad. It's very hard to lose a member of your family. Good memories help a grieving heart.

08/12/17 07:26 AM #117    


Marsha Philbrick (Melhorn)

so sorry janis . Been there . One day at a time and remember all the fun times . Marsha




08/27/17 11:28 AM #118    


Patrick Chaney

Just so you know, I just spoke with Joe Libby; he is fine, safe, and dry as are we.  Two or three more days of heavy rain but i believe we'll make it through without the need for an ark.  Take care all.


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